Sianguang 2nd Village – Taiwan / August 19, 2017EXHIBIT POSTER




Sianguang 2nd Village – Taiwan / August 19, 2017



IVORY TOWER – Exprimental Documentary

Labor Office – Taipei /  April 31, 2017

Ivory Tower is an experimental film of combined sound and images of labor protest of South-East Asian migrant workers in Taipei. The windows from the historical village of Taoyuan represent the realities and disconnection of some Taiwanese about labor rights issues today. As the resounding collective voices of the laborers transform into a solid force, there’s no reason not to act.




May 1, 2015 – during the International Labor Day celebration, the Red Suitcase became part of a contemporary art exhibition entitled Exploring Resilience at MILA Kunstgalerie in Berlin. It will then travel to Ambasciata d’Italia for exhibition under the program Embodied Resilience II, curated by PeninsulaLab, Wollinerstrasse, starting May 18, also in Berlin.


“It is not easy to shoot a documentary in a foreign land alone but like the film’s prevailing message that each fabric of wool has been trying to weave together the culture, history, and people of Biella, including the Filipino workers and their families who continuously toil and embrace Italy, I was able to manage and finish it with the help of other people,” Legaspi said.

Legaspi started shooting the documentary in 2013 using a small camera and he returned to Italy in 2014 to continue documenting the journey of Filipinos in Biella. “They sort of took care of me and embraced my presence for three consecutive years. Technically I was alone filming but the Filipino community in Biella helped me complete this project. This is a clear example of a participatory and community art project which I am very proud of,” he explained.


FILANDO BIELLA International 120” Film Festival 2013

UNIDEE – Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto – Biella, Italy / October 5, 2013


FILANDO BIELLA International 120” Film Festival 2013 is the first edition of a non – competitive and non – commercial digital film festival dedicated to 120-second films from all over the world.

The whole program was intended to reflect on possible porosities between spaces dedicated to artistic research and their contextual territory. The festival was presented by UNIFILBI120, in the context of Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto which aims to encourage the unique cinematic creativity of the short film genre through 120 second-long moving images.

FILANDO BIELLA International film festival introduced a wide range of 120” films, namely live-action, animation, documentary and video art to international audiences. The first FILANDO BIELLA International 120 Film Festival took place on October 5 and 8 2013.

The term filando – which is one “M” away from filmando the Italian word for filming, playing on its double meaning – stands for ‘to spin’ in the sense of forming a thread or yarn, which connects with the historical heydays of textile industry in the city, as much as it addresses its more colloquial meaning, hence, flirting and falling in love.



UNIDEE – Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto – Biella, Italy / October 5, 2013



TUKKA ‘L CEL – Tukka ‘l cel – a project by Muhammad Sohail AzadIlaria Biotti and Richard Soriano Legaspi

Bielmonte Piazzale 2, Oasi Zegna – Italy / September 24, 2013

The project is structured into two parts, the first step being the meeting between Muhammad Sohail Azad (buff Kites fighters, Pakistan), Edy Angelino (multiple flight expert with 4 independent stunt kites – unique performance at the international level – passionate in all specialities and manufacturer ) and Andrea Benini (agonist world-class fighters and manufacturer Kites, Italy) who will be the platform in the context of the shooting of an ethno-fiction genre that merges a documentary approach with a fictional aspect. The second meeting was a one-day workshop space for informal interaction, the aim is to think through the do’s and provide for the active involvement of thirty participants in the building and flying of kites collective.


The project is inspired by the concept of ‘other space’, the definition of Michel Foucault, “something like counter-sites, a kind of effectively enacted utopia in which the real sites, all the other real sites that can be found within the culture, are simultaneously represented, contested, and inverted. ( Text from UNIDEE blog 2013 )



“Paste for Purpose”


Artist from India, Rabindra Patra collaborated with local artist Gigi Piana and Palestinian artist Ayed Arafah. Documentation video by Filipino artist Richard Soriano Legaspi

“Paste for Purpose: how documentation of photographs, interviews and viewer’s interactions can find their way into space to imagine a new potential and role of particular spaces.

In this project, Rabindra was working on the issue of Biella’s closed factories. In the last ten years, more than two hundred factories have shut down. For him, it’s very painful and I feel very personally that the city is dead. So here I am trying to find what the potential in the city is. I invite different kinds of people to share their thoughts and experience the space.

This performance tells of a homeless person Augusto Festa Bianchet who has killed in this space ten years ago, while the crime remains unsolved. I chose to feel death as a subject and I used photography to express the city. When viewers see this performance they can realize aspects of what is going on in the city and maybe the viewer can find in their own way what is the potential in the city”.   ( Text from UNIDEE 2013 blog )


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