PIPO ( Philippines ) 20014





HUNGER PANGS ( Pamatid-Gutom ) 2012

Pamatid Gutom is a stark rendition of electoral politics in post-EDSA Philippines. A mother, desperate to feed her child, takes part int he feeding programme of the Mayor of a city. Upon seeing the favourable response of the wife of the mayor to her child, she undertakes a disturbing gamble.




MANENAYA ( Waiting ) 2011

“Manenaya” (Waiting) is a story of a determined woman and her journey through life under the backdrop of the various landscapes of Pampanga.

She brings with her a wooden casket for her husband, a victim of political killings. The film is a journey in search for truth and personal triumph through the challenges of life.




PAANO KO SASABIHIN ( How Do I Tell You? ) 2009

 Two strangers find love in a chance encounter on the  train to work. Meet Ehryl, a television writer, with a deaf-mute  brother, and Mike, an art teacher for the deaf. Thinking Mike was deaf, Erhyl replies in sign language, making Mike believe she was also deaf.
And so they continue their charade, sharing their problems and dreams– all in sign language. Until Erhyl accidentally blows her cover. She keeps away, ridden by pain and guilt, only to be surprised by another truth in the end.

Paano Ko Sasabihin posits the question how far would you go to keep appearances up for love’s sake? And would that love stand a chance in the face of the painful truth?




KINULAYANG KITI ( Hand Painted Feathers ) 2009

“Kinulayang Kiti” (Hand Painted Feathers) is a moving tale of surviving the harsh realities of urban life. The struggle of a young boy named KIT, whose father was murdered in a labor rally. His last resort is to believe in a superstition that by placing live chicks on his father’s casket, and their pecks will serve as stabs to the killer’s conscience.





AMBULANCIA ( Ambulance ) 2007

“Ambulancia” tells of a painful twist in an ambulance driver’s belief that a dying patient can be saved by running over stray animals on the streets.







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