2014 Ang Walang Kapagurang Paglalakbay ng Pulang Maleta

“L’instancabile viaggio della valigia rossa”

Ang Walang Kapagurang Paglalakbay ng Pulang Maleta

Untiring Journey of the Red Suitcase

Biella, Italy has been famous for its main industry of wool-making for several years now. But as time passed by, each wool they have been weaving were slowly declining due to the shutdown of factories and the downfall of industries.

Each fabric of wool has been trying to weave together the culture, history and people of Biella, including the Filipino workers and their families who continuously toil and embrace Italy. This documentary tells each story of love, travails and sacrifices of our fellow Filipinos in order to create a community where the culture of both worlds can be freely woven together.

It started with Loreta Mercado, a Filipina who arrived in Biella in 1978, bringing along with her the thread of her dreams and one local young man followed that thread until he married and taught Loreta to weave their lives and beliefs together. Being the first Filipina to love this province, Loreta’s love for her husband, child and for Biella, symbolizes her untiring journey as the red suitcase from the East.

She did not keep her fortunes to herself and despite the difficulty, she bravely pulled each fabric that links her siblings and relatives until they arrived in Italy. And for almost three decades, although these fabrics sometimes got entangled with each other, Loreta’s niece, Roan Asuncion, has been known to be the youngest weaver of migrants in the Piemonte region. Her small business, the Filipino Store or Tropical Mini-Mart serves as a spindle that connects not only Filipinos but the other nationalities as well. Because of this, Roan and her mini-store serves to unite and weave tightly the relationships of Filipinos, Italians and other people with the variety of food offered in her store.

It is true that many factories of wool have closed shop. It is true that Italy has gone through an economic crisis. And most of all, in every turn of the spindle to release the colorful fabric and yield textiles from the machine, it is true that each strand represents the different nations who continuously travel to Biella.

The Untiring Journey of the Red Suitcase is the story of Filipinos who tirelessly travel to work, dream and overcome the challenges of life in Biella, Italy.

Valigia poster 2


In Competition, Wathann Film Festival, Yangon, Myanmar 2016

In Competition, TrueDoc Documentary Film Festival, Ukraine 2016

Official Selection, 22nd International Filipino Cine Festival, San Francisco 2015

Kočevje Film Autumn, Ljubljanska, Slovenia 2015

Nominated, Best Documentary, Gawad URIAN 2015

Finalist, Cine Totoo International Film Festival, Philippines 2015

Special Screening, Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella Italy 2015

Special Screening, MILA Kunstgalerie , Berlin, 2015

Special Screening, Fringe International Art Festival, Manila 2015

Trailer 1:

The Untiring Journey of the Red Suitcase is an experimental documentary that showcases the remarkable stories of inspiration in a close-knit Filipino community in the town of Biella, Italy.


DSC04719  3 4 Fabio Loretta Untitled-1

Roan AsuncionRoan Asuncion 2








One Response to “2014 Ang Walang Kapagurang Paglalakbay ng Pulang Maleta”

  1. Congrats Direk, Salamat sa pagbibigay daan para sa mga Pilipino sa ibang bansa upang mailahad ang kanilang mga masasaya at minsa’y malulungkot na kwento, mga kwento ng pakikipagsapalaran at kabiguan at higit sa lahat kwento ng TAGUMPAY… Mabuhay ang mga Pilipino sa Italia at sa iba’t-ibang parte ng mundo…. Mabuhay ka Direk RICHARD

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