Ang Walang Kapagurang Paglalakbay ng Pulang Maleta – Official Selection, FACINE 2015



Remarkably, sentimental is not the right word to describe the two documentaries included in the program on migrant Filipinos, a marked departure from the common tales of woe and misery that beset Filipinos in other lands, especially the OFW or overseas Filipino workers.

In one, Joni Gutierrez’s TWELVE HUNDRED MILES/Qian Li Zhi Wai, the director is an observer; as foreign student taking his graduate studies in HongKong, his are musings on the temporality of his stay in an unfeeling place, expressing his personal view on the less oft-understood HongKong/Mainland China binary, which through sights and sounds, he finds humorous, though profound.

In the other, Richard Soriano Legaspi‘s ANG WALANG KATAPUSANG PAGLALAKBAY NG PULANG MALETA/L’Instancabile viaggio della valigia rossa [the untiring journey of the red suitcase], the dominant image of the red suitcase evokes the Filipino in incessant haste, life is a continuing journey through airports, trains and cars, hoping to find roots where life becomes better than the one he/she has left: this time, a small village in Bella, Italy where a small close-knit community of Filipino workers has lived for decades.

These two important documentaries will be shown on Saturday, October 24 at 2:30 p.m. at the Roxie Theater. Part of FACINE/22: the 22nd annual filipino international cine festival which runs October 21-24. For full program schedule, see and for advanced tickets purchase,

FACINE/22 is co-presented by FACINE and PAWA, Inc. Major media sponsors: TFC, inquirer.netand Manila Mail. With valuable support of Lacuna Giving Circle and the Philippines’ NCCA and FDCP.

Please support Filipino cinema! Buy your tickets now!

– Mauro Feria Tumbocon, Jr., Director, FACINE


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