Phl Independent Short Films Participate in Three Film Festivals in Greece

Tuesday, 16 October 2012 11:18 Public Information Services Unit

16 October 2012- Three Philippine independent (indie) short films took part in three different film festivals in Greece last September and October.

The film “Manenaya” (Waiting) by indie director Richard Legaspi, participated in the competition program of the International Film Festival of Drama held from September 17 to 22 in Drama City (Northeastern Greece).

“Manenaya” is a story of a determined woman and her journey through life under the backdrop of the various landscapes of Pampanga. She brings with her a wooden casket for her husband, a victim of political killings. The film is a journey in search of truth and personal triumph through the challenges of life. It won the Jury prize award in the 8th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival in July 2012.

Another Legaspi film, “Pamatid-Gutom” (Hunger Pangs), competed in the 9thNaoussa International Film Festival held from September 26 to 30 in Naoussa, Northern Greece.

“Pamatid-Gutom”, which stars Mercedes Cabral, is a stark rendition of electoral politics in post-EDSA Philippines. A mother, desperate to feed her child, takes part in the feeding program of the city mayor. Upon seeing the favorable response of the wife of the mayor to her child, she undertakes a disturbing gamble.

Ms. Agnes-Macam Romero and Elizabeth Bognot Masangkay, Kapampangan indie/theater actresses represented the Philippines in the two film festivals.

The Philippine Embassy in Athens coordinated with the organizers of the two Festivals, Philippine Honorary Consul to Thessaloniki Nicolaos Margaroupoulos and the Filipino community in the city for the smooth participation of the Filipino actresses in the festivals

From Naoussa, the two actresses proceeded to Athens where the Embassy hosted a simple dinner for them last October 01. According to them, the film “Manenaya” was well received by the Greek audience.

The film, “Hunger Pangs” and “Patronage Politics” by Mr. Seymour Barros Sanchez participated in the International Film Festival of Patras City held from September 30 to October 06 in Patras, Greece.

“Patronage Politics” is a short documentary of enduring patterns of patronage politics in the Philippines. “Patronage Politics” chronicles the activities throughout a typical election season. By examining the fiesta mentality of Filipinos and their attitudes towards politics, several gripping comparisons will be drawn.

HonCon Anastacia Manalopoulou of Patras attended the film screening of “Patronage Politics.”

Post also communicated with Director Legaspi and was informed that it was a great honor for him that his films were finalists in the competition program of the Festivals although they did not win any awards.

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