Manenaya – Official Selection, Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne , Australia 2015

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The Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne is interested not just in films with potential commercial success but films of artistic merit and scope. The goal is to build a festival that will be on par with Sundance, Cannes, and other major festivals but geared to the truly independent filmmaker, actor, and script writer. Giving them opportunities and opening doors that would not otherwise be open to them.

PIPO – In Exhibition, Monsoon Asia Film Festival 季風亞洲影展 Taiwan 2015

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Monsoon Asia Film Fest

The mission of MAFF is to promote mutual understanding between natives and non-natives through films, which present and capture intercultural issues.!maff/cjg9

Official Selection – 21st Caminhos Film Festival, Internacional Essays Selection – Portugal 2015

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Caminhos Film Festival

PIPO will be exhibited on  2015/11/29 at 17:30 hours at Conservatório de Música de Coimbra.

The Caminhos Film Festival was stated in the latest editions as the reference event in the Portuguese panorama, the only festival dedicated in its competition, to the Portuguese cinema in various aspects, from the final draft film school, through animation , documentary, short film to feature film. Since 1988 we were privileged as an organization to see and live within the best of Portuguese national productions over the past twenty editions, but also to follow the progress of all the Portuguese film industry. We opened the event from Juniors, to seniors, to Film Schools, publishers and booksellers, all Portuguese production turning it in true showcase of national cinema in Portugal. A showcase, which has focused on bringing the creators to the publics, focusing on interaction at all levels.

Dimensions of Belonging – Official Selection, Tirana International Film Festival, Albania 2015

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Dimensions of Belonging Poster TIFF

Ang Walang Kapagurang Paglalakbay ng Pulang Maleta – Official Selection, FACINE 2015

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Remarkably, sentimental is not the right word to describe the two documentaries included in the program on migrant Filipinos, a marked departure from the common tales of woe and misery that beset Filipinos in other lands, especially the OFW or overseas Filipino workers.

In one, Joni Gutierrez’s TWELVE HUNDRED MILES/Qian Li Zhi Wai, the director is an observer; as foreign student taking his graduate studies in HongKong, his are musings on the temporality of his stay in an unfeeling place, expressing his personal view on the less oft-understood HongKong/Mainland China binary, which through sights and sounds, he finds humorous, though profound.

In the other, Richard Soriano Legaspi‘s ANG WALANG KATAPUSANG PAGLALAKBAY NG PULANG MALETA/L’Instancabile viaggio della valigia rossa [the untiring journey of the red suitcase], the dominant image of the red suitcase evokes the Filipino in incessant haste, life is a continuing journey through airports, trains and cars, hoping to find roots where life becomes better than the one he/she has left: this time, a small village in Bella, Italy where a small close-knit community of Filipino workers has lived for decades.

These two important documentaries will be shown on Saturday, October 24 at 2:30 p.m. at the Roxie Theater. Part of FACINE/22: the 22nd annual filipino international cine festival which runs October 21-24. For full program schedule, see and for advanced tickets purchase,

FACINE/22 is co-presented by FACINE and PAWA, Inc. Major media sponsors: TFC, inquirer.netand Manila Mail. With valuable support of Lacuna Giving Circle and the Philippines’ NCCA and FDCP.

Please support Filipino cinema! Buy your tickets now!

– Mauro Feria Tumbocon, Jr., Director, FACINE

PIPO, nominated – Best Foreign Short Film, 2015 Davis International Film Fest, USA

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“ Ang Walang Kapagurang Paglalakbay ng Pulang Maleta ” – Official Selection, Kočevje Film Autumn, Ljubljanska, Slovenia 2015

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Valigia poster 2


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